30 Growth Mindset Tips


If you follow me on Instagram (@taimarie__) then you know that I created an IG Stories Highlight called MINDSET where I share 30 different mindset shift tips. I came up with them because I want to encourage you to understand that your current way of thinking, if it’s stopping you from moving towards your goals, doesn’t have to remain that way.

What I hope you gain out of this list is that what you think of yourself and your abilities can be changed from the fixed mindset to the growth mindset. It can be changed from negative to positive. I share some ways how you can do that:


1. Open yourself up to the idea that you can make the world a better place through your own talents.

All extraordinary people (Oprah, Beyonce, Maya Angelou) all started out quite ordinary. It was their belief in themselves and the hard work and effort they put in that led them to truly fulfill their potential. You are no different. Focus on honing your talents and then share them with the world.


2. You are not a prisoner to your past.

I am thankful for some of the things that happened in my past because they have led me to be the woman I am today, but I am NOT a prisoner to my past. I am a victor of it and I will use its lessons to help me create my future. You should do the same.


3. Your ideas are valuable but only in motion.

Ideas come a dime a dozen and don’t mean anything until you put your good ones into action (by starting on them). We all can come up with amazing ideas. Try coming up with 10 new ideas today. They don’t have to be grand.


4. There’s always a better way to do things.

Uber, AirBNB, hell, the omelet, are all proof that there’s a better way to do things. What can you do better today? It doesn’t have to be something that changes the world today. Start somewhere small in your own everyday life.


5. Your voice needs to be heard.

Your voice SHOULD be heard. Whether it's in a classroom, on social media, or in a book. It's important for us to tell our stories through our voices. The more we share stories, we realize how similar all of us are in our struggles and our victories. This leads to more connectivity.


6. Your story is important.

Your individual story is unique. You can choose to tell all of it or small portions of it, whatever feels comfortable for you. Your story could help someone through a situation they might find themselves in.


7. You are creative in your own way. Use it daily.

The great thing about creativity is that there are as many ways to be creative as there are individuals on our planet. If you don’t think you are creative, try “creative” things like painting, drawing, crotchet, making jewelry, etc. See what you like. See how you add your own flavor to it. That’s being creative in your own way.


8. You can accomplish any challenge you set for yourself.

Challenges are things you’ve never done before. This means you’ve probably never learned “it” before. You can learn anything that you put effort in to learn. How will you challenge yourself?


9. You can get rid of your bad habits.

We all have bad habits. I urge you to take stock of them and decide which ones you no longer have time for. None of them serve us well but it’s also unrealistic to try to get rid of all of them all at once.


10. You create your life with your habits.

Habits thread our days together, good and bad ones. Figure out ways to minimize your bad habits and maximize your good ones.


11. Routines greatly aide in your success.

I have a routine for mostly everything. Routines aide in your success because they provide efficiency. What routines do is help you get used to processes and systems which can be applied to every area of your life. If you don’t have routines, the easiest one to implement is a night routine and I don’t mean a night routine where you watch TV until 11 and then fall asleep on your couch. A successful night routine includes preparing your to-do list for the next day, laying out your clothes, preparing your lunch, and maybe turning off all electronic devices and reading or writing in your journal.


12. Most people focus on what they don’t want out of life. Focus on what you do want.

Here’s what happens when you focus on what you DON’T want, you get used to avoiding things. “I don’t want to be poor or I don’t want to be unhappy or I don’t want to get my heart broken.” That becomes your dance and it spills over into other areas of your life. When you’re avoiding things, it’s hard to PURSUE the things that you DO WANT. So, when you focus on what you do want, you charge ahead like “oh yes, I want a 6-figure career, I want to meet the love of my life, I want to grow my business or start a business.” Do you see the difference?


13. Sacrifices MUST be made to live the life you want.

If you have ANYTHING that you want to accomplish, you’ll have to make sacrifices for it (i.e. TV, old way of thinking and acting, time, etc.)


14. Consider the bad things you consume and reduce the consumption as much as possible. It DOES affect you!

Did you know that roughly 50-60 years ago, most of the news was positive? It’s not like that anymore. There’s a saying now in news media that “if it bleeds, it leads.” Think about why someone would want to pour negative information into you ALL the time. News cycles are 24 hours a day now. Think about the effect that has on people’s mindsets if all you hear is negativity. You have the power to decide if you want to consume that. It’s the same thing with negative social media feeds, comments sections, and even the consumption of certain foods.


15. You are truly the sum of those you hang around most. Don’t be afraid to upgrade!

You need to start treating yourself like a gated community. Everybody should not have access to you whenever they want to especially those people who don’t uplift you. Think Beyonce, Oprah, or even a penthouse. You see it, you see them, but you don’t have access other than what is allowed. You have that same power over your life. The reason why certain people hang around only other certain people is because you truly are the sum of those you hang around most. I spend time around people who uplift and are ambitious in their endeavors. Don’t be afraid to upgrade who you choose to hang around.


16. Write down and tell the empowering stories about yourself.

I think the most crippling thing that stops people from enjoying the present and accomplishing their future goals is how they tell the stories of their past. The unfortunate reality is that most of us focus on the bad, unforgivable things that we did in our past, the things we regret. It’s unfortunate because I know you have so many great things that happened, that you overcame and accomplished. Those need to be the stories that feed your present and your future. Those other stories are bullshit and nobody wants to hear them unless you also talk about how you overcame them. People love a good hero story.


17. Having courage means moving forward DESPITE being fearful.

Having courage does not mean that you won’t also be afraid. They co-exist. Having courage DOES mean that you will do whatever it is that you want to accomplish DESPITE your fear. Do it even if you are shaking in your boots. This is the way to practice courage.


18. Be COMMITTED to your success. Don’t half-ass your way to your goals.

I love the saying “Everybody wants to live like Diddy, but don’t nobody want to work like Puff!” Everybody wants to be successful and you should want to be successful, but you’ve got to commit to it. You cannot half ass your way to success (unless you’re a mediocre white man but yall aint, sooo). Decide today that you really are committed to your success, what it looks like for you, and what steps you need to take to get there and then go do it.


19. Confidence can be practiced.

I think the misconception about confidence is that some people are born with it and some people are not and I don’t believe that. I believe it is a learned skill that can get better with practice through certain skills. Not too long ago, I ran a half-marathon which is 13.1 miles. Before that, the most I’d ever run was 6 miles and that was when I was much younger and my knees way more stable. I wasn’t totally confident that I’d be able to successfully run 13 miles. In college, I was a sprinter on the track team, so I really had no need to run long distance but after I put together a training program and followed it, little by little I started to gain confidence in my ability to run the half-marathon. Then I reached the part in my training program to run 10 miles…and I did it! It was the 1st time I’d ever run double digit miles. Although I still hadn’t had the confidence of someone who had run a marathon before, I had more confidence, through practice, than I’d had when I first started training. I was finally confident that if I could do 10 miles then I could do 13. Last year, I would not have had that confidence. So, I say all of that to say that you can practice confidence in whatever you want.


20. Your intuition is your best compass.

A woman’s intuition is literally the BEST guide that she’s got. We all hear it but some of us are hard-headed and do the exact opposite of what your intuition tells you. If you learn to listen to it, it can guide you to opportunities, to ideas, and to the best decisions for yourself. It takes practice, but the first step is becoming aware of it and all of us can do that.


21. Scarcity mindsets don’t sell.

What’s unfortunate about society today is that most people live within the parameters of scarcity, this idea of lack. And I get it, the things we consume every day feed that fear. But believing that there is not enough does not serve you. If you believe there are no jobs, then you’ll act like there aren’t by forcing yourself to remain in a job that you don’t want. If you believe there are no good men left then you’ll act accordingly, returning to the same f#$%boy that has added no value to your life for some time now. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur but believe there is no niche left for you then you’ll certainly act accordingly by either never starting your business and taking no risks to grow your business. Scarcity does not sell.


22. You and only you can control your happiness.

What can be confusing about happiness is that people believe that it is this thing you can acquire, like you can trade it for something tangible. That’s not the case. You don’t get happiness, you ARE happy. It is a choice you make on the inside every single day as it relates to your attitude. That could look as simple as waking up in the morning and going “ugh, I HAVE to go to this damn job today” or it could be “thank you for waking me, I get to go to work today.” And even if it’s going to a job that you hate, having the opportunity to go to one affords you other opportunities: keeping a roof over your head, feeding your children, funding trips or business goals, learned skills that you can transfer to another job, you get it. You control your happiness by controlling your attitude.


23. Stop settling for good enough.

This relates to any area of your life, but I’ll talk about the two that I worked through with my therapist: intimate relationship and career. Both were going “good” but obviously not good enough since I was sitting there venting to her about them. I had a good salary (but we obviously always want more) and I had total flexibility and pretty good perks and for some people, that’s great but for me, it was no longer challenging enough and that drove me crazy. With my relationship, the guy was loyal, we had great conversation, he mostly did what I asked of him, but there was still something missing. My therapist asked me a simple question, but she knew it was going to be hard to answer so she gave it to me as homework. She said “what do you want? Be honest. Don’t tell me what other people want in a career or relationship, tell me what YOU want.” So, I set out to do that and I realized she was right and for the sake of time, I’ll tell you that I was settling for good enough in both of those areas. I wanted my work to be more challenging because I thrive with challenges even if it meant giving up my flexibility and perks. That’s what I wanted. In my relationship, I was honest enough with myself to know that I want romance and total communication, I thrive with receiving and giving it. And I want someone equally as ambitious as I am. I didn’t have those things. Luckily, I have them now because I chose not to settle.


24. You have a divine purpose. It’s up to you to listen for what it is.

Everyone has a purpose even if you don’t know what it is yet, but I guarantee it is directly related to your God-given gifts. Become aware of your gifts if you aren’t. They will lead the way to your purpose.


25. Stop wishing you were living someone else’s life.

Social media is a cesspool of comparison, where many self-esteems go to die because people get on there and wish they were living someone else’s life. It’s hard to be grateful for your own life if you’re wanting someone else’s. What are all the good things in your own life that you should be grateful for? I’ve read research that quantified the percentage of someone’s life posted on social media and it was around 7%. Think about that. You live 100% of your life so you know EVERYTHING that’s going on in it but if you’ve fallen victim to social media comparison then you’re only comparing 7% of someone else’s life to your 100%. It’s silly.


26. Stop WAITING for the future and plan for it.

If 5 years seems overwhelming to plan (because it is) then plan out the next 3, 6 or 12 months. And if planning out EVERY area of your life seems like a challenge then just choose one area, the one that will impact all the others the most. For me, it would be my career and entrepreneurial endeavors. For you, it may be your family life or mental health. You know better than I do but choose something and get to planning.


27. You are the victor and not the victim.

I have been told that I can be a little harsh when it comes to someone who is “playing the victim.” And I think that can be because I have never been interested in pity parties. Messed up shit happens to EVERYONE and of course, I know that people handle their traumas differently, but I have always subscribed to the victor mentality. There is no honor in “playing the victim.” How do you win as the victim? Start seeing yourself as the victor in your life, even through the very tough times, and stop playing the victim. You take away your own power when you do so.


28. Be more optimistic and less pessimistic.

There is nothing more energy-sucking than someone who is a Debbie Downer all the time. Optimism goes a long way. I have called myself annoyingly optimistic. I will always believe that everything can be figured out. I have always found something to be grateful for even in difficult situations. I have always looked for solutions to problems. Choose optimism today.


29. Stop complaining.

Complaining all the time is a part of a bigger negative and fixed mindset. The very act of complaining means that you are looking at your choices and CHOOSING to focus on the one that annoys you the most. To me, it’s like walking into a forest and deciding to sit under a tree with the LEAST amount of shade. You choose what you complain about. It’s hard to be grateful and focus on anything positive when you’re complaining. Check your complaints today.


30. Improve yourself daily.

It’s true, you can improve yourself incrementally every day and the easiest ways are by learning something new and through practice of whatever it is that you want to get good at.