What Are The 12 Areas For Life Balance?

“When you live as a three-part being, you come at last into balance with yourself. Your concerns include matters of the soul: spiritual identity, life purpose; relationship to God; path of evolution; spiritual growth; ultimate destiny.”
— Neale Donald Walsch, Conversations With God
12 Areas For Life Balance

At the end of last year, my friends and I were sharing our new year goals with each other via Marco Polo. Since “vision board parties” are pretty big around that time of year, some of them were sharing the things they’d put on their own vision boards.

I shared the new method I was using to categorize and write out my goals and they were very interested!

This is a simple method for organizing your goals that covers, what I believe to be, every aspect of a person’s life.

The 12 Areas For Balance are:

  1. Health, Fitness, & Beauty

    This area encourages you to focus on the RESULTS of eating healthy and the positive consequences of exercising consistently. So, when I set a health or fitness goal, I am concerned with how this type of lifestyle will affect me for the next 50 years. My ultimate health goal is for my body to be hormonally balanced, to be free of inflammation and to constantly reduce mucus in the respiratory system because that’s how viruses and diseases thrive in the body. I’m not interested in diet fads, so I look to make lifestyle changes that will aid me in accomplishing my goals. I’ll do this by removing land animals and dairy from my diet because I understand the long-term effects they have on the body. This is also the approach I use for fitness goals. When setting beauty goals, think of ways that allow you to honor the body that you inhabit daily.

  2. Intellectual Knowledge

    This area encourages you to focus on consuming information that is RELEVANT to your life, where you can apply the information to improve your current circumstances (even if they are good). Steer away from knowing “trivia” - information that is useless (i.e. gossip, celebrity news, etc.). Look to develop skills that will improve your quality of life and find resources that will help you assess your skills.

  3. Spiritual Path

    All of us, when we are born, are set on a spiritual path that is not of our own choosing. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but for those looking to experience themselves and their relationship with God (Universe, etc.) in a deeper way, setting spiritual goals will put you on the right path. This could include learning how to effectively pray, meditating daily, experiencing other religions, practicing Humanism, learning to astral project, etc. Spiritual paths are very individual experiences, as they should be, and you have every right to explore it how you want without guilt.

  4. Love Relationship

    We all want to love and be loved. When setting a goal in this area, focus on your ultimate mission right now: would you like to be married with children one day? Want to focus on truly loving yourself right now? Then, act according to your goal: date with intention whether you’re dating yourself or another. If you are in a committed relationship, set goals WITH your significant other especially if your goal is to strengthen your relationship.

  5. Social & Community

    Having a productive social life takes intention. This area encourages you to think about the type of social life you’d like to have and the effect you’d like to have your community whether it’s your local, national and/or global community. Set specific social goals (i.e. network in a new industry once a week, have lunch with a different coworker once a month, etc.). Use your time, money and resources towards an organization that is aligned with your passions.

  6. Wealth Building

    This area encourages you to think about more than just becoming rich or wealthy. In this area, you’ll determine the impact that you want money to have on you and those around you. In this area, you’ll also be encouraged to use resources to break bad money habits and remove your fears and blockages surrounding money. Wealth building can have an incredible snowball effect with some intention even if you’re starting as small as paying off bad debts or saving $100 a month.

  7. Career & Mission

    There are 3 levels of working: Job, Career and Mission. Be honest about which stage you’re in and excel there while working to move to the next stage. If you want to live your working life being mission-oriented, focus on pursuing your calling and understand that the “work” you do in your calling may look VERY different from work you do in your career.

  8. Quality of Life

    This area is about living joyfully. List all of the things that bring you joy and aim to do at least one of them a day even if it’s for a short time. This area also includes the material things you own in your life. For the things you own and do and the people you know that do not bring you joy, work on slowly removing them from your life.

  9. Life Vision

    This area is about living life extraordinarily through experiences you have. The ultimate life vision for everyone should be to live the highest, grandest version of themselves. One way to determine a life vision is to write your obituary and in it you will have all the things you will want to have accomplished throughout a life well-lived.

  10. Life Roles

    Our relationships, with ourselves and others, shape the kind of life we will live. List all of the roles you play in life (i.e. sister, mother, daughter, best friend, lover, employer, etc.), and then write out how you’d like to improve the relationship for each role. Set aside time each week or month to work on improving the relationship (i.e. call your parents once a week even if it’s just for 5 minutes each time, spend quality time each night with your children without electronics, etc.).

  11. Emotional Intelligence

    This area is about learning how each of our emotions plays a vital role in our daily lives and how to express each one productively. The tasks in this area most likely won’t be easy but will be worthy.

  12. Creative Life

    It is essential to create every day, especially for women. This could include writing, dancing, coloring in an adult coloring book, painting, making jewelry, etc. The ways to create are endless. Set a goal to create something, anything, daily.

How will you get started on the 12 Areas For Life Balance?

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