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“Soooo, how did you publish your journal?”

This is one of the most asked questions that Tai Sawyer, self-published author of The LOVE, YOU Journal, receives on an almost weekly basis.

People have heard the horror stories of publishing your own title. Many people have wasted hundreds and thousands of dollars on scammers, “consultants,” and so-called “experts” to help them publish their projects.

She does NOT want that to be your experience!

So, Tai has decided to turn all of the information she’s learned in the first 6 months of designing, publishing and distributing her journal into a course for those who want to publish their own book, journal, or planner but don’t know how to get started.

In this intense 4-hour course, we will cover everything that includes:

  • Developing the concept of your book idea

  • Researching your idea and competitors

  • Tools to use to create the internal content of your book

  • Tools for creating your book cover

  • How to get an ISBN number for your product

  • Choosing your distributor

  • Setting up your title with the distributor

  • Registering your book with The Library of Congress

  • Set-up fees that you should (and should not) pay for

  • Creating a pre-launch plan

  • Launching your title

  • Setting up your store for national and worldwide sales

  • Getting your book into Barnes & Noble

  • and more!

    Location of the event will be sent in your order email as it is being hosted at a private social club.

    Email Tai at to inquire about payment options.


*There will be lite bites served for breakfast.

*Please plan to arrive 15 minutes ahead of time as we will start on time.

***No refunds on tickets. However, you may gift them to someone else if you can’t make it.