#SelfCareClub Nov 17th 3pm - 6pm

#SelfCareClub Nov 17th 3pm - 6pm


Fear has been defined as “an emotional response induced by a perceived threat, real or imagined.”

The keyword here is “perceived.” Obviously, there are many physical dangers in the world that require the use of caution. However, for many of us, our fears are conjured up in our minds. These imagined fears have stopped us from accomplishing our goals and as a result, prevented us from living out our wildest dreams.


In this month’s #SelfCareClub gathering, we'll explore our fears (real and imagined), how they’ve held us back, and discover the tools out there to help you overcome them.

There are a few questions in The LOVE, YOU Journal that address “fear.” We’ll dive deeper into those questions by:

  • Naming and facing our fears (when you know the “giant’s” name, you’ll know how to slay it)

  • Exploring where our fears are rooted and how they got there

  • Discussing how our fears have held us back

  • Discovering steps you can take to overcome every fear you have

  • Learning how facing our biggest fears can lead to finding and understanding our life’s purpose

The LOVE, YOU Journal is about healing. That’s exactly the mission of the monthly #SelfCareClub.


*There will be light bites and small self-care gifts available.

*Come with an open heart ready to engage.

**Please arrive on time. Discussions can get deep (and therefore, lengthy).

***No refunds on tickets.

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